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Facebook Announced a Real-Time Sports Service

Facebook Announced a Real-Time Sports Service

Facebook expands to the sports arena, announcing its new platform Sports Stadium. The company explained that the new service would have a feed with real-time updates on games, popular publications from fans, statistics, and commentary from experts.
When announcing the new platform, Facebook called itself the world’s largest stadium with 650 million sports fans. For industry players, it seems to be an effort to encroach on Twitter’s territory, as the latter has long been used by so-called “live-tweeting” games. Some made a conclusion that the new feature is Facebook’s attempt at capturing “in the moment” engagement. In the meantime, the challenge for Facebook is that there are already a lot of such communities as Facebook Sports Stadium, so this is not a unique service.

So far, the new Facebook feature covers only US football games and comes ahead of next month’s Super Bowl, on 7 February. The company promised that the platform would also support other sports in the future, including basketball and soccer. All you need to do to access the service is search for an individual game.

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